At Expo Translation, we guarantee highly intact total quality management of our people, process and technology on multiple layers or operation. Our translators, editors and content professionals are hand-picked and subject to strict selection criteria. Meanwhile, each project goes through streamlined process cycle gears where each milestone is reviewed both manually and automatically.



Despite the fact that technology boosts, enhances, streamlines, speeds up and fully automates business and operation workflows, the crafts of translation, interpretation and editorial services remain a pure intellectual process where high level of human-factor engagement is always required. Therefore, we select only professional team members with proven qualification, several years of experience and advanced level of subject matter awareness. Having passed or strict testing, appointed calibers still remain under a probation period to verify their actual capacities and receive our seniority guidance. Then, our translators and editors regularly receive training for sustainable development and optimum results.


Although translation, interpretation, copywriting and related activities are typically looked at as services, we look at each output and/or deliverable as a pure product. Therefore, in order to ensure each single deliverable [product] meets applicable respective quality standards. Closely similar to the processes used by industrial manufacturers, we apply several phases to each assignment to secure highest quality levels, timely deliveries and outstanding end results.

Our Production sector applies standard project management processes that involve focused planning, careful preparation and strict control to assure the output yielded wins the full satisfaction of clients.


To assure highest level of quality, Expo Translation utilizes latest state-of-the-art technologies in support of all translation, interpretation and editorial projects. This includes Translation Memory [TM] and glossary and terminology management tools to help maintain consistency of across several projects and workgroups.

In terms of interpretation, we have put big investments to own latest respective equipment including mobile booths, infrared receivers, transmitters, radiators and interpreter consoles. We support all interpretation events with top quality brands of sound system, projectors, screens and any other utilities.