Did you developed a website and created its content? But you need to check, audit and assess it?

Expo is here to help and provide you with an astonishing package of services in this area. Accordingly Expo will assess your website based on four main axes:

  • Which contents will perform best to your website?
  • Which posts will overstay your clients/audience welcome?
  • What topics do your clients/audiences most connected with?
  • Which keywords will be the best ones for your website from SEO process?

First of all, EXPO works on defining the goals you desire to achieve through auditing your website content. As EXPO completely knows that content audit process takes a long time to be done well; so, EXPO tries firstly to define their clients goals before starting to audit the contents. After defining your goals, EXPO sets the benefits and results that you will get through website content auditing.

EXPO collects and analyzes your data through checking all your content matrices as a whole to create a clear picture of your content states. Additionally, Expo uses many tools, as Google Analytics, Content Insight, Content Square, etc., to analyze your content and to select which keywords will serve better to the goals you desire from auditing your website content.

Then, Expo moves to assess your website content through three main axes:

  • Keep:  If EXPO found that your content performs in a best way and still relevant; then, you just keep it because there is no need to update it. You just need to reuse your content in your existing content market strategy.  
  • Update: If EXPO explored, through analyzing your content, that some pages are not performing as desired. EXPO tries to review that content and to figure out how will be most effective. Outdated information may be also found. EXPO will update your content.
  • Remove: Sometimes, you may use content for a seasonal campaign or for a specified purpose. Then that content becomes unnecessary and may not help to improve your SEO. EXPO will advise you which is best, to remove that content or, in case it contains outdated information, to update it

EXPO have a highly picked team of professionals and auditor who mastered and highly experienced in website content audit & assessment. No matter, if you have an old-fashioned, outdated or new content, EXPO will help you to update, audit and assess your content.