Expo Translation is eager to develop and provide uniquely positioned cultural products and services to support global Knowledge Economy activities and practices, fulfilling the needs of our clients, contributing to the development of regional community and sustain profitability of shareholders.


Expo Translation aims to be ranked as the Egypt’s premier one-stop shop for all knowledge-based economy supporting products and services, one of the top 20 in the Arab world and books a seat among the top 100 global providers and producers of Knowledge Economy products and services by 2025.


In light of the mass communications, media and informational technology that past few years have witnessed as well as due to the recent developments and the adoption of an ambitious Strategy for 2020-2015, and in realization of the fact that a business culture and business brand are two faces of the same coin, we have reshaped a new perspective of our corporate culture and values to reflect our mission and set the principles to achieve our vision.

Acquired throughout almost 12 years of operation and reshaped with a more realistic texture, here is a list of the values that dictate our behavior and course of action, guide our organization’s internal conduct and govern our relationship with all stakeholders including, clients, partners, colleagues, vendors/suppliers and community at large:

Accountability: We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, services products, decisions, and policies. This is applicable to both individual accountability on the part of each of our team members as well as to the company as a whole.

Balance: We are usually keen to take a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for all our team members.

Commitment: We, at all times, remain committed to delivering great products, services, and other initiatives and projects that positively impact lives within and outside our organization.

Community: Corporate social responsibility forms a key feature of our organization, contributing to the welfare of our local society and developing value to global community at large.

Confidentiality: Considering the nature of our lines of business, we, at all times, are strictly committed to confidentiality and non-disclosure of whatever proprietary information that come through our line from any and all parties.

Diversity: We pay all due respect to diversity of thought, ethnicity, religion and gender among all other aspects of diversity.

Empowerment: Our people are our real asset and we are committed to all what it takes to encourage each of our team members to take initiative(s) and give the best, as well as to adopt an error-embracing environment to empower colleagues to lead and make decisions.

Innovation: We exert non-stop effort to develop new creative ideas and take innovative approaches that have the potential to impact our stakeholders.

Integrity: For us, honesty and honor accept no compromise for whatever reason.

Safety: We take all measurements to ensure the health and safety of our team and even go beyond the legal requirements to provide a healthy and safe workplace.