Content Improvement

EXPO helps you to take your content to the next level by improving it on several scales. EXPO’s teams of professionals and auditors are well trained and highly experienced in their fields. EXPO mixes up your content by adding a related video or image to your articles/posts to reach more people. As different people react best with different contents, so EXPO helps you to maximize your audience by building the right organized content that achieves your goals.

To do so, EXPO starts with your benefits and with what makes you special. As there are many differences between the digital and traditional mediums, EXPO figures what the best for your website as a digital mediums connecting you with your audience/clients.

EXPO advises you to test your content more and more. Content Testing will give you a brief on your website status; either it performs well or not. However, EXPO offers you a good testing with a final report showing what is better, what needs to be improved, what needs to be removed and so on.

EXPO also provides strategic analytics through three major elements: what, so what and now what. EXPO works on achieving these elements. When analytics report is exported, EXPO firstly looks to “WHAT” does this report say? Then, EXPO defines that point. Secondly, EXPO figures out “SO WHAT” does that mean? Thus, the last element is “NOW WHAT”: now what should we do. This simple approach enables EXPO to do improvement process in a systematic organized manner.