Content Assessment

In assessment process, beside highly-picked teams of auditor and assessment professionals, EXPO relies on four major axes that help you to properly assess your content. Those four major axes are:

  • Functionality;
  • Readability;
  • Usability; and
  • Relativity.

Through Functionality Scale, EXPO ensures that your texts, images, videos and links are working properly and that there is no defect. EXPO also helps you to examine and check all your contents to be appeared as desired. As well as, Expo diagnoses, explore, and fix any issues related to your contents.

Through Readability Scale, EXPO ensures that your content scores well on readability scale and that your website has a sufficient white space to give any reader visual breathing room. Also, EXPO advises you how to use heading and subheading properly and to choose the right fonts of all devices and how to organize your content coherently.

Through Usability Scale, EXPO examines many factors to ensure that your content can be used on all devices, either desktop or mobile browser, such as navigation, sitemap and accessibility to all users and to make your sitemap makes sense for your targeted audience as well.

Through Relativity Scale, EXPO ensures that the information and data contained in your content are updated and relevant  to subjects.

There are also many other tools as analyzing tools to know more, please contact EXPO.