The access to language can be much more than transactional. It is not merely word exchange, as one would trade one currency for another. If done right, it’s revolutionary, helping our clients not only to hear what their customers are saying but what they mean.

EXPO TRANSLATION has the experience, team and technology to translate the complexities of the linguistic landscape of our nation into a powerful business asset for you.

World-Class Translators and Linguists

Imagine the uncertainty that your Limited-English, Deaf, and Hard-of-Hearing customers are facing as they try to secure your services, to say nothing of the frustration that your staff experiences are trying to overcome. At EXPO TRANSLATION, we search the world for uniquely qualified linguists to deliver transformative experiences for all concerned.

EXPO TRANSLATION is a technologically activated communications company. At our core, we are human and our linguists are our heartbeat. They meet the highest standards in the industry and earn the privilege of interpreting or translating for our clients and the communities they serve.

Stringent Confidentiality

Your customers believe you will always keep their personal data secure. That faith can not be violated under any circumstances, which is why we go to incredible lengths to maintain security and confidentiality.

All of our solutions, processes, and hiring practices focus on information security, a topic that we treat with the enormous gravity that it deserves. EXPO TRANSLATION completed nearly 700 security audits and evaluations last year with a 99 per cent success rate. That beats our nearest competitor significantly.

24/7 Support

The culture that you represent becomes ever more diverse and multicultural. Our customer relationships do not end at the point of sale-indeed, the sale marks the start of a partnership. We invest in your success and are eager to align with the ongoing management of a transformative language-access programme.

Our complimentary support services include technical assistance 24/7, implementing services, staff training, and ongoing education. These support services will help you make better use of your language access program so you can maximize efficiencies, enhance your image, drive revenue , increase productivity and adhere to regulations.

Peerless Experience

As we enter an era of unprecedented diversity, your language-services provider’s reliability has never been more significant. In 1982 we established the over-the-phone interpreting industry. We are the biggest supplier today-bigger than our next 10 rivals combined. We have our team of 11,000 highly trained interpreters.

We handle over 40 million interactions per annum. This matters because every repetition represents an opportunity for our 30,000 clients to learn and improve. This also represents our capacity to scale up to the needs of our customers, no matter how unexpected they might be.